Motor Trimming

Here at Exclusive Marine Trimming & Upholstery we like to help you customise we work on a range of different vehicles spanning from Boats, Cars, Trucks, Jet skis, Motorbikes; the list is endless. We can provide a different range of motor trimming needs, including: 

  • Car seats
  • Tonneau covers 
  • Hood linings 
  • Car covers 
  • Door Trims 
  • Carpets 
  • Ute/Truck canopies 
  • Motorbike seats 
  • Forklift Seats 
  • Buggy Seats 
  • Console Covers 

Nothing is too hard, Exclusive Marine Trimming & Upholstery will always find the best way to do something, and we always get the job done. Call our skilled team to book a consultation and we’ll provide you with the quality motor trimmer you’ve been searching for.